If you're still unsure about what to do with the pile of books left forgotten in the corner of your room, we would love to help them find a new home! And, great news – trading-in your books is even easier now with our Telegram Thryft bot! Greet our bot by typing /start or tapping the button to begin.

Here's what you can do with the Thryft bot:

1. Trade-in your books

We are moving our trade-in procedures from WhatsApp to Telegram. With the Thryft bot, you can expect instant (albeit automated) replies and step-by-step instructions for how to trade-in your books with us!

Simply type /trade or tap the button to begin the trade-in process.

Do note that you will still have to send us photos of your books for the trade-in to proceed. You can include multiple books in one photo, as long as the titles and book covers can be seen clearly!

Examples of photos to be sent

2. Have your questions answered

You can also find the answers to our frequently asked questions – such as what kind of books we accept and how does crediting work – on the Thryft bot! Just type /faq for the list of questions.

Frequently asked questions

3. Get our contact information

Can't find your question under the FAQ? Just want to drop by to say hi? Get all our contact information in one place by typing /contact. Of course, do reach out to us through these platforms if you run into any problems using the Thryft bot too!

Ready to give it a try? Start here!