Hello there! As the country slowly adjusts to some semblance of normalcy – be it going back to school, working in the office again, or simply eating out – we hope that you are still keeping well. While our trade-in services are still currently limited to pick-ups for 20 books or more, we've been working on several projects leading up to Phase 2 that we can't wait to share more about!

In the meantime, here's a look back at the last month together. In June, we were able to support four social organisations in their various causes!

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Credit: Comm.UnitySG

For the last three months, we have been donating to three different local COVID-19 relief funds as part of our sustainability pledge. Thanks to you, we helped to provide migrant workers with wash basins through Project Chulia Street in April, and sponsored meals and delivery to people in need through The Food Bank Singapore in May.

In this long-drawn fight against the coronavirus outbreak, some vulnerable communities are hit especially worse. This includes displaced individuals and families who do not have a safe shelter, and now face increased health and economic uncertainties. Thus, in the last month of this quarter, we committed to give 10% of all profits to Comm.UnitySG's New Hope From Home campaign.

Together, we helped to sponsor a life skills training programme conducted at the shelter, and one resident's meals, hygiene and utilities cost.

Partners for Change

Under Partners for Change, we partner with non-profit organisations and list their books for sale on our platforms at no cost. Thryft pledges to donate 100% of profits earned from these books back to the organisation's various causes. You can shop this collection and make your contribution here!

We currently have two partners under this programme: Blessings in a Bag and Books Beyond Borders.

Blessings in a Bag

Blessings in a Bag is powered by youth for youth, and envisions a world where every young person is celebrated for who they are and who they are becoming. In June, we raised $63.37 together to empower under-resourced youth.

Books Beyond Borders

Books Beyond Border, our second partner, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting against global poverty and illiteracy. In June, we raised $42.68 together to support families and children's education in rural villages in Nepal.

Books for Charity

Books for Charity is a collection of books donated by like-minded individuals and organisations who share our vision for social sustainability. 50% of all profits earned from these books will be channeled to a social organisation, which is currently Methodist Welfare Services' (MWS) Donate to Bless fund.

Together, we sold 25 books in June, of which 50% of profits will go towards helping low-income families affected by COVID-19 through MWS.

Books for Charity was first started with books donated by Books and Beer, but another generous individual has since joined us in expanding the collection. We will be adding these new titles into the collection regularly, so do watch this space!

We're grateful to be able support these organisations with you. Thank you for believing in what we do and making this possible!