Hello there! It has been another eventful few months – we formed a new partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore (WWF-Singapore) under our sustainability commitment, made trading-in easier with Telegram, hosted our biggest giveaway ever, and more! Before we knew it, November is already creeping up on us. In the last few months of this strange year, we hope that you continue to look out for yourself and each other.

The Thryft team is extremely grateful for your continual support for our commitment to sustainability. Sustainability updates will now be posted quarterly instead of monthly, and we're excited to start by sharing how your contributions have helped four different social and environmental causes from July to September!


Credits: WWF-Singapore

Last quarter, we focused on supporting vulnerable communities who are especially impacted by COVID-19. For the second half of the year, we will be partnering with WWF-Singapore, who aims to address the environmental drivers of pandemics and build a more resilient future.

Zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19 bring into sharp focus the distortions in ecological equilibrium. Now more than ever, there is an urgent need to restore balance to our interconnected relationship with nature. WWF-Singapore supports this important mission through For Nature For Us, which strives to end illegal wildlife trade, strengthen anti-poaching enforcement, future-proof communities in Southeast Asia, and provide environmental education and outreach.

Together, we sold 1607 Thryft Singapore's books this quarter, for which 10% of all profits will be donated to the For Nature For Us community and recovery programme.

Books for Charity

Books for Charity is a collection of books donated by like-minded individuals and organisations who share our vision for social sustainability. 50% of all profits earned from these books will be channeled to a social organisation, which is currently Methodist Welfare Services' (MWS) Donate to Bless fund.

Together, we raised $841 together to help low-income families tide through COVID-19.

Since the inception of Books for Charity in collaboration with Books and Beer a few months ago, several generous individuals have also joined us in expanding the collection. If you would like to support our cause by donating in bulk to this collection too, please drop us a message via Facebook Messenger or email.

Partners for Change

Under Partner for Change, non-profit organisations list their books for sale on our platform at no cost, with 100% of the profits going directly back to them. You can check out the books from our two partners and make your contribution here!

Blessings in a Bag

Blessings in a Bag, our very first partner, aspires to create a world where every young person is celebrated and equipped to thrive. Thanks to you, we have sold most of the books from our first collection over the last few months! Do continue showing your support for the next batch of books from Blessings in a Bag that will be launching soon.

Books Beyond Borders

Books Beyond Borders is a social organisation dedicated to fighting against rural poverty and illiteracy. This quarter, we sold 18 books together to support families and children's education in Nepalese villages.

Thank you for your unceasing support even through these difficult times – this would not have been possible without your contributions. Till next time, take care!