As much as we love gift wrapping and feasting this season of celebration, we support sustainable Christmas traditions. Upholding our mission for sustainability, Thryft continues to choose second-hand first and wrap your orders plastic-free. This season, we are inviting you to enjoy a merry green Christmas with us in hopes of providing inspiration that makes gifting more sustainable and less stressful.

Here we go!

Every sustainable purchase matters

According to research by Stanford University, about 25% more waste is produced during the winter holidays, amounting to 25 million tons of garbage. The waste from gift wrappers, extra CO2 emissions from the Christmas lights, and extra food waste burdens our environment. But don’t fret yet! We are here to recommend inspirational books for all environmental lovers in support of your contributions towards a greener holiday.

Our recommendations for you

From discovering astonishing sights of life at the deserts and jungles featured in One Planet to hopping on a spectacular visual journey of the environment with National Geographic Simply Beautiful Photographs, we offer a time of appreciation for our beloved planet. Only when you love something, you can give it a genuine care and concern. For all of you true environment lovers, these book recommendations will fulfill your biophilic dreams.

A green Christmas would be incomplete without a narrative that feels close to home. We hope the following books–Living in a Garden : The Greening of Singapore and Changing Business from the Inside Out : A Treehugger's Guide to Working in Corporations–will provide you with an understanding of how our community engages with the environment as nature and human demands meet.

If you’re looking for some food for thought, Guns, Germs, and Steel : The Fates of Human Societies will be an informative and delightful read. Jared Diamond's argument about how the environmental and geographical factors shaped the modern world will advance our understanding of human societies in relation to the environment. Fulfill your wonders and desires to better understand our interaction with the environment.

What you can do

In case you’ve forgotten, Thryft continues our promise to donate 10% of our profits to support efforts in tackling urgent environmental or social issues.What’s more, we donate the credits from Thryft x Books for Charity to our non-profit partners on a post-sales basis. If you're keen, head to our website and browse our entire collection!

And remember, all of this would be impossible without your continued support for our commitment for the planet and its people. So, thank you, and we wish all of you a merry green Christmas!